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Our Mission

We believe the digital world to be a great source of opportunities for individuals and businesses. Our mission is to empower people with great tools and provide companies with batteries - included teams to support their most ambitious projects.

Our Story

Remi, a commercial with incredible human skills, and Arthur, a software developer and mechanical engineer, start a first company together. They develop a platform allowing hotel's neighbours to book time slots in the hotel's unused fitness center and spa. They contract a partnership with AccorHotels and build everything from scratch. They realized that much of their time is not focused on their added value but rather on creating and maintaining the backbone code and infrastructure. Jemy and Vinh, two fantastic and very involved employees at this first company, join them to found Their mission is to allow people and organizations to focus on their business by helping them with the design, implementation and long term maintenance of their digital projects. They develop great tools for themselves and other developers. They work on code generation and automation AIs.

Toastate All-Star Team

What would a project be without a good team? It is certain that a complete, motivated and ambitious team is always a good starting point.

  • Arthur Arthur W. - CoFounder Backend Developer
  • Remi Rémi P. - CoFounder Commercial
  • Jemy Jemy S. - CoFounder Backend Developer
  • Vinh Vinh K. - CoFounder Frontend Developer


They trust us and they are right.